when to tow your car

When your car isn't running quite right, there are times in which it should be towed. Many drivers think that since the car still runs that it is safe to at least drive it to the mechanic's shop. One example of when you shouldn't drive your car, even when it runs, is when the air conditioning compressor goes bad. Your car may run fine for a few miles, but the system can seize and cause a whole lot more damage to the vehicle. This blog will provide you with more examples of when to tow your car and tips on finding a tow service to use.

The Advantages of Towing Your Unwanted Vehicles to Scrap Metal Yards


Vehicles have finite lives and eventually reach a point of uselessness for their owners. They can sustain costly damages in a car accident. They can also experience mechanical issues that cost more than their value to fix.

When your vehicles reach that point of uselessness, you no longer want to tag, insure, and keep them parked in your driveway. Instead of keeping them on hand, you can have them towed to scrap metal yards to be recycled. Read on to learn about a couple of advantages of working with local scrap metal yards. 

They'll Purchase the Vehicle As-Is

When you have your unwanted vehicles towed to scrap metal yards, there often is no need for you to make any alterations or adjustments to them. You don't even need to empty the gas tanks, take off the tires, roll back the odometer, or remove the glass in them before you sell anything.

The scrap metal yards will purchase your vehicle as-is and they won't expect you to make the car easier or safer to tow and recycle. They will accept most vehicles in any condition. Scrap metal yards typically offer to tow as part of the services that they make available to customers. If you cannot haul your vehicles to them, you can have the scrap metal yards pick up and tow your vehicles for you. The costs of the tows may be deducted from the cash that you receive from the sales.

They'll Often Pay in Cash

Another reason to have your vehicles towed to scrap metal yards involves getting upfront cash for them. Scrap metal yards pay the current per-ton price for scrap metal. The owners of these businesses will pay you cash based on how much your vehicles weigh.

Depending on their weight, you could get several hundred dollars or more for vehicles for which you have no use and can no longer drive. You can use that money for whatever purpose that you choose. You also avoid having to wait for the scrap metal yards to pay you with a check or transfer money to your bank account. Most of them pay cash upfront once you sign over the title to them.

Scrap metal yards offer important services to vehicle owners. They buy vehicles in any condition and do not require you to make alterations to your vehicles. They also pay cash for your vehicles and can arrange for towing. To learn more, contact companies like TNT Auto Salvage.


4 June 2021