The Steps Required To Make Your Wrecked Car Look New Again


You take your car into an auto body repair shop to fix where another driver hit your car, and a few days later you pick up your car looking like new. The process of getting your car that way requires a number of steps. Here are the different phases of repair that your car goes through before you get the call from the service manager that it's ready for you.

13 October 2015

Safe And Efficient Used Parts Pulling


Pick and pull (often stylized as Pick 'n' Pull) salvage yards and auto parts sales can be a convenient way to search for your own parts while paying a bit less as long as you're able to remove the parts on your own. For hard-to-find parts, searching for obscure or older cars in these auto wrecking yards can yield amazing results. As you look for parts, consider a few ways to make your search safe and efficient.

2 October 2015