when to tow your car

When your car isn't running quite right, there are times in which it should be towed. Many drivers think that since the car still runs that it is safe to at least drive it to the mechanic's shop. One example of when you shouldn't drive your car, even when it runs, is when the air conditioning compressor goes bad. Your car may run fine for a few miles, but the system can seize and cause a whole lot more damage to the vehicle. This blog will provide you with more examples of when to tow your car and tips on finding a tow service to use.

How To Sell Your Junk Car For Cash


Whether your car was damaged in an accident or is simply so old that it's not worth trying to trade in, you just want it gone. If posting it online, fielding texts or calls from interested buyers, and setting up times for them to come see your car sounds like a huge hassle, there is another, quicker way. Many companies will come get your car within a couple days and pay you cash on the spot. Here's how you go about selling your junk car for cash.

1. Make Sure You Have the Title

However you go about selling a car, you should always find the title before you do anything else. You'd hate to get an offer and scramble to find it last minute or realize you don't have it at all. You're better off looking for it before taking any other steps. That way, if you don't have it, you have time to get it replaced. 

After you find your title, double-check that you know exactly where to sign so that you don't accidentally void it. You also should make sure that you know who has to sign it. If your partner's name is on the title, their signature may be needed to sell the car, depending on if the title has "AND" or "OR" between your names.

2. Gather All Your Car's Info

Whether you fill out a form online or speak on the phone with a live person to get a quote for your junk car, you need to be able to give them all the information they ask for. You need to know the exact make and model, color, VIN, number of miles on the odometer, specific places where your car has sustained damage, and whether or not it starts up and drives. If you gather all of that information upfront, the process will be much quicker. 

3. Set Up the Appointment

If you're speaking to an agent of the company over the phone, then you'll likely set up an appointment then. If you fill out a form online and accept their offer, they will contact you shortly afterwards to make an appointment. If you have a tight schedule, avoid frustration by finding out if they will come pick up your car at a specific time or within a time range.

You should also ask any questions you have about where your car should be parked to make it accessible. If you are unable to move the car yourself due to it not being able to start, this is a good time to bring that up. 

4. Cancel Your Car's Insurance Policy

Once the company has taken your car away and the cash or check is in your hands, don't forget to take the car off of your insurance policy. You don't want to be paying for coverage on a car you no longer own. You also should cancel the registration at this time.

There are many companies out there that will pay cash for your junk car, and the process is quick and easy. Contact a company that buys junk cars in your area for more information. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers cash for junk cars.


11 February 2021