when to tow your car

When your car isn't running quite right, there are times in which it should be towed. Many drivers think that since the car still runs that it is safe to at least drive it to the mechanic's shop. One example of when you shouldn't drive your car, even when it runs, is when the air conditioning compressor goes bad. Your car may run fine for a few miles, but the system can seize and cause a whole lot more damage to the vehicle. This blog will provide you with more examples of when to tow your car and tips on finding a tow service to use.

Top Five Reasons To Ditch Your Junker


Do you have an old car that's sitting on your lawn, creating an unsightly eyesore for your neighbors? Or maybe it's parked in your garage, taking up space that's better to use for other projects. Whatever the case, there comes a time when keeping a clunker around just doesn't make sense anymore. If you've got a junk car lying around that, then these five reasons may convince you that it's finally time to have it towed off to that great big freeway in the sky.

Reason #5: Your Neighbors Hate It

No matter how you feel about your neighbors, the truth is that nobody likes to stare at old cars. If you've got an old piece of junk that's sitting out on your lawn, in your driveway, or somewhere else that's highly visible, then it's likely that some or all of your neighbors are getting sick of seeing it day in and day out. Even if they're too polite to complain, having it hauled off can be a great way to keep those neighborly relationships happy and healthy.

Reason #4: It Might Be Illegal!

Many cities have ordinances that restrict the presence of "nuisance vehicles." If your old beater is still intact and drivable, then it might technically manage to avoid this particular definition, but it's unlikely that a car that's up on blocks or sitting with broken glass will. Penalties for having a nuisance vehicle on your property vary from place to place, but they often involve hefty fines. If you aren't going to get it fixed up soon, having it towed away might be the most cost-effective option.

Reason #3: It's Going to Become a (Literal) Rat's Nest

It's a simple fact that pests love old cars. Rats and mice will inevitably find their way into the engine bay, and they may even be able to get into the cabin if there's broken glass or other potential points of entry. Bees and other bugs will make nests anywhere they can access, including the water channels around doors and the trunk. The longer the car sits, the worse the problem will get and the harder it will be to deal with.

Reason #2: You Need the Space

It doesn't matter where your old car happens to be sitting, that space can almost certainly be used for something better. If it's currently in a garage, then imagine how all of the room you will have for new projects or for parking a car that you actually want to drive. A beater taking up space in your driveway is even worse, as it cuts down on room for your primary vehicles and makes it more difficult to navigate the driveway.

Reason #1: Cash in Your Pocket is Better

Most salvage yards offer cash for junked cars, and having a few hundred bucks in your pocket is better than an old beater that's never going to revive its glory days. The money you make by ditching your old car can be put to actual productive use, and with all the space you free up, you'll actually have room for whatever you choose to buy with your miniature windfall. 

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21 June 2019