when to tow your car

When your car isn't running quite right, there are times in which it should be towed. Many drivers think that since the car still runs that it is safe to at least drive it to the mechanic's shop. One example of when you shouldn't drive your car, even when it runs, is when the air conditioning compressor goes bad. Your car may run fine for a few miles, but the system can seize and cause a whole lot more damage to the vehicle. This blog will provide you with more examples of when to tow your car and tips on finding a tow service to use.

3 Ways To Make Money With Junk Cars


If you're looking for a side business or even a potential full-time business, there are several things that you can that involves junk cars. Junk cars are basically automobiles that are no longer running or have been considered a total loss by the insurance company after an accident. With some hard work and a truck strong enough to haul away junk cars that people want off their property, you can start adding cash to your bank account. If you are interested in making money from auto recycling, consider trying out the following things:

Use Junk Cars for Scrap Metal

When you're able to collect large amounts of scrap metal, you can make good money by selling it to a scrap metal recycler. Automobiles are mostly constructed of metal, so collecting junk cars and stripping off the scrap metal can yield you thousands of pounds of metal to sell if you collect junk cars on a regular basis. If you're interested in using junk cars for scrap metal, you may want to consider renting a small outdoor space along with a scrap metal roll-off container. Renting a scrap metal roll-off container will make it much easier to strip the vehicles and collect the metal in one place. For more information on scrap metal roll-off containers, contact a company like Sikora Metals.

When stripping a junk car for scrap metal, make sure you pay attention to the different materials available. Aluminum engines, tire rims, automotive batteries, and catalytic converters often contain metal that is more valuable, so it is worth your time to remove these items and sell them separately. 

Part Out the Car

Just because a vehicle may have a bad engine, faulty transmission, or body damage it doesn't mean that it doesn't have many parts that are in great working order. If you're a good mechanic, you can do very well by collecting junk cars and then removing the working parts and selling them individually. You can opt to sell parts online directly to consumers, or you can also get in touch with local auto repair shops to see if their mechanics are interested in buying used parts.

Consider Rebuilding

In some cases, people get rid of cars and consider them junk because they need an expensive repair, such as a new engine or transmission. If you're collecting numerous junk cars, you may be able to swap out parts and rebuild vehicles so they are able to run again. After the mechanical work is done, you can sell the used cars for a profit. In the event that you choose to rebuild junk cars, make sure that you get the title when you pick the car up so you are able to sell it after it is rebuilt. 


18 September 2018